2018 Gloss Programs

The 2018 Gloss Programs contain matching Edgebanding to Luxe Alvic, StyleLite, and Senoplast.

2018 Gloss Programs - RAMS Industries
High Gloss Kitchens are En Vogue.

RAMS Industries offers matching  ABS and 3D acrylic Edgebanding to leading high gloss surface brands from stock in single roll quantities
Luxe ColorEdgebanding #Stock Size
Blanco03J623mm x 1mm
Negro7884G23mm x 1mm
Antracita31L523mm x 1mm
Magnolia00U623mm x 1mm

High Gloss matching Edgebanding to StyleLite
EGR StyleLite ColorEdgebanding #Stock Size
SHAB 5101 Vanilla7887G23mm x 1mm
SHAB 5104 Cherry Red7936G23mm x 1mm
SHAB 5106 Black7884G, 3D19R6 (Black/Silver)23mm x 1mm
SHAB 5114 Ruby Red36Y623mm x 1mm
SHAB 5124 Champagne793723mm x 1mm
SHAB 5116 White36Y5, 3D19R8 (White/Silver)23mm x 1mm

High Gloss matching Edgebanding to Senoplast
Senoplast ColorEdgebanding #Stock Size
White 1298/19827885G, 3D19R8 (White/Silver)23mm x 1mm
Beige 7315/74967887G23mm x 1mm
Dark Grey 82223/8538231L523mm x 1mm
Grey 85336/8538424Q723mm x 1mm
Black 8102/84717884G/3D19R6 (Black/Silver)23mm x 1mm