2018 Tafisa Brava Colors

Six new Edgebanding matches to the 2018 Tafisa BRAVA™ collection.

These 6 new designs are stocked in 15/16″ x 0.020″ and 15/16″ x 1mm. To see the other Tafisa color, please click here.

Tafisa #Tafisa NameEdgebanding #
M2031Crème de la Crème30750EBM
M2032Treasure Trove30751EBM
M2033Simply Gallant30752EBM
M2034Home Sweet Home30753EBM
M2035Black Tie30754EBM
M2041New Wave30755EBM

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M2031 Crème de la Crème - 30750EBMM2032 - Treasure Trove - 30751EBMM2033 Simply Gallant - 30752EBMM2034 Home Sweet Home - 30753EBMM2035 Black Tie - 30754EBMM2041 New Wave - 30755EBM