RAMS Industries is now offering AGT Zero-Glue Line Edgebanding from stock in the most popular AGT Super Matte and Premium Gloss colors. The Zero-Glue Line Edgebanding has a color-coordinated glue layer with the Edgebanding allowing the color to flow seamlessly from the Edgebanding to the board surface.

The glue layer is a PUR blend that provides superb adhesion as well as moisture and heat resistance. The 0.2mm glue layer is consistently applied on the back of the Edgebanding resulting in a consistent panel quality. No glue pot maintenance and no clean-up cost for removing glue residue from the panel manually.

RAMS Industries’ Zero Glueline Edge offers a seamless design transition from the Edgebanding to the panel surface.

AGT Color CodeAGT ColorFinishEdgebanding ColorZero Glue Line Edgebanding SizeRoll Length (feet)
425Soft GreySoft TouchAGT425ZGL15/16″ x 1.2 (including Glue Layer)300′
723BlackSoft TouchAGT723ZGL15/16″ x 1.2 (including Glue Layer)300′
734WhiteSoft TouchAGT734ZGL15/16″ x 1.2 (including Glue Layer)300′
P601WhitePremium GlossP601ZGL15/16″ x 1.2 (including Glue Layer)300′