RAMS Industries offers high-quality sheet veneer products from stock. All species are flat cut with a 10 Mil paper backer for added stability. Additional species, backer options, and cuts are available with short lead times and no minimum order quantities. Please click here to go directly to the Sheet Veneer Stock Program.


  • High-quality, German made veneer faces
  • Each sheet is tenderized and sanded to meet our stringent quality standards
  • Sheet size is 4′ x 8′ with a 10 Mil paper back
  • Surface is sanded with 150 grit
  • Weight is 3.1 lbs per sheet
  • Recommended Glue: Solvent-based contact (flexible glue line), Urea formaldehyde cured in a press (rigid glue line)

General Application Recommendations

  • Inspect material for satisfaction of quality and grade prior to lamination
  • All veneer should be acclimated prior to application
  • Ideal temperature for application is 20°C – 27°C (70-80° F)
  • Ideal humidity is 35%
  • Surface must be clean, dry, and smooth (free of dust, grease, wax) to ensure a good bond
  • Use of solvent-based adhesives is recommended. Water-based adhesives are not recommended
  • Veneer scrapers are recommended for hand application to allow for maximum pressure. “J” rollers are not recommended
  • Adhesive should be allowed to cure for 48 hours prior to finishing

Stocked Species