SpecLine 2020 – The Easiest Way to Specify and Source Edgebanding

SpecLine is an Edgebanding Stocking Program that is tailored to the specification process. When a public or corporate building project is planned, it can takes many months often years from the first concept of the building to the finishing touches. Needless to say, it can be quite a challenge for Interior Designers and Architects to specify products that are available throughout the project timeline.

RAMS Industries is addressing this issue and by offering woodworkers and Interior Designers over one hundred of the most popular Edgebanding colors in five sizes from stock in single rolls available throughout 2021.

The SpecLine color range perfectly matches popular designs from leading high-pressure laminate and thermofused melamine manufacturers including Formica, Pionite, Wilsonart, Arauco, Panolam, Tafisa, and Uniboard.

The availability from stock in single roll quantities enables woodworkers to easily find the specified color in five Edgebanding sizes:

  • 15/16″ x 0.018″
  • 15/16″ x 0.020″
  • 15/16″ x 3mm
  • 1-5/16″ x 0.020″
  • 1-5/16″ x 3mm

RAMS Industries takes the guesswork out of the specification process. Designers and Architects have the organization’s commitment to have these products in stock until the end of 2021.