2019 Super Matte Launches

RAMS Industries offers the latest supermatte Edgebanding finishes matching nano-technology surfaces from leading manufacturers including Arpa-Fenix.

Super Matte, fingerprint and scratch-resistant surfaces are becoming more popular in North American furniture designs.

Arpa Fenix ColorEdgebanding #Stock Size
29 Mali White49U323mm x 0.8mm
30 Kos White94M223mm x 0.8mm
32 Alaska White75W123mm x 0.8mm
717 Castoro Ottawa57U023mm x 0.8mm
718 Grigio Londra56U823mm x 0.8mm
719 Luxor Beige49U923mm x 0.8mm
720 Nero Ingo65U323mm x 0.8mm
724 Grigio Bromo75W223mm x 0.8mm
725 Grigio Efesco76W823mm x 0.8mm
748 Beige Arizona61H123mm x 0.8mm
749 Cacao Orinoco62H723mm x 0.8mm
Verde Commodore63H023mm x 0.8mm
Rosso Jaipur67H023mm x 0.8mm