3D Edgebanding

3D Edgebanding is made of a high-quality acrylic polymer that is transparent. 3D Edgebanding is printed from the reverse giving the product its three-dimensional appearance as well as high durability.

3D Edgebanding is perfectly suited for table-tops in (fast food) restaurants as the product offers the highest impact resistance available while still looking pristine even after years of exposure to wear. 3D Edgebanding can also be used in other high-traffic areas such as retail environments.

3D Edgebanding can be applied with all standard edgebanders including HOMAG, BRANDT, BIESSE, HOLZ-HER, and others.

3D 2-in1 Edgebanding is a two-tone Edgebanding that matches perfectly high gloss door surfaces by providing an elegant finish to any kitchen design.

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