RAMS Industries is offering BioEdge® from BioPlastic Solutions, a plant-based Edgebanding option now available in Canada.

Download the BioEdge Brochure by clicking on this link.

With a proprietary and patented Edgebanding resin formulation, BioEdge® is petroleum-free, non-toxic, and food safe. The product is made from sustainable and renewable sugar cane, is 85% biodegradable, and can be discarded in designated composting facilities.

BioEdge® runs on standard edgebander equipment requiring no special tooling and is stable on furniture. The product is available in thirty-eight solid colors in standard Edgebanding sizes while custom colors are possible.

BioEdge - Product Advantages

Please click here to see the available colors we offer in BioEdge.

Supporting Documents

BioEdge – Health Product Declaration

BioEdge- Product Flyer

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