AGT High Gloss and Supermatte panels from Gizir, Turkey distributed through Decotec, Canada have become one of the standards in the Canadian woodworking industry. RAMS Industries pays tribute to this formidable manufacturer by offering matching ABS Edgebanding for regular edgebander equipment as well as for Airtec from Homag, Canada, Airforce from Biesse Canada, and Laser from IMA, Canada.

AGT – ZeroGlue Line Edgebanding

AGT Color CodeAGT ColorFinishEdgebanding ColorEdgebanding SizeRoll Length (feet)
425Soft GreySoft TouchAGT425ZGL15/16″ x 1.2mm (including Glue Layer)300′
723BlackSoft TouchAGT723ZGL15/16″ x 1.2mm (including Glue Layer)300′
734WhiteSoft TouchAGT734ZGL15/16″ x 1.2mm (including Glue Layer)300′
P601WhitePremium GlossAGTP601ZGL15/16″ x 1.2mm (including Glue Layer)300′