Edgebanding and Hotmelt Adhesive Solutions for Kitchens

RAMS Industries offers a variety of innovations to the kitchen industry.

  • 3D 2-in-1 Edgebanding is a product that highlights the surface like no other Edgebanding solution providing unsurpassed depth to kitchen door surfaces.
  • All products offered by RAMS Industries are Greenguard certified avoiding the emission of harmful volatile organic compounds into the indoor air.
  • Unfilled Hotmelt Adhesives offer a seamless transition from the Edgebanding to the door surfaces eliminating the unwanted glue line.
  • 3D Metallic Edgebanding matches the current kitchen trend of material mix including high gloss, stainless steel, glass, and organic wood elements.
  • High Gloss finishes are a very popular choice of consumers today and RAMS Industries offers high gloss Edgebanding from stock that matches the most popular high gloss kitchen door finishes.
  • Digitally-printed Edgebanding can match any High-Pressure-Laminate design avoiding the need to cut HPL strips and providing a more lasting bond.

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