Arpa Fenix surfaces have become popular in the cabinet industry for several reasons. Velvety surface ensures low light reflection, anti-fingerprint, and self-healing of micro surface scratches due to nano-technology.

RAMS Industries is now offering the most popular Edgebanding colors from stock matching Arpa Fenix designs in color and finish.

RAMS Industries Fenix Edgebanding
RAMS Industries Arpa Fenix Edgebanding
Arpa Color CodeArpa ColorFinishEdgebanding ColorEdgebanding SizeRoll Length (feet)
0029Bianco Malé Soft Touch20432MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0030Bianco AlaskaSoft Touch20430MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0032Bianco KosSoft Touch20394MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0717Castoro OttawaSoft Touch20433MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0718Grigio LondraSoft Touch20393MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0720Nero IngoSoft Touch20391MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0724Grigio BromoSoft Touch20434MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0725Grigio EfesoSoft Touch20392MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0748Beige ArizonaSoft Touch20435MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0750Verde ComodoroSoft Touch20437MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0751Rosso JaipurSoft Touch20438MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0752Grigio AntrimSoft Touch20439MM15/16″ x 1mm300′
0754Blue FesSoft Touch20440MM15/16″ x 1mm300′