RAMS Industries has launched an Edgebanding program matching four of the most popular Benjamin Moore cabinet paint colors. Woodworkers do no longer need to sand, prime, and paint Edgebanding to match the door color. The Benjamin Moore Edgebanding colors match perfectly the paint in color and sheen (satin finish).

The Benjamin Moore Edgebanding stock program eliminates woodworkers’
time-consuming task to sand, prime, and paint Edgebanding.
Benjamin Moore Color CodeEdgebanding ColorEdgebanding SizeRoll Length (feet)
CC-40 Cloud White20517M, Soft Touch15/16″ x 0.018″600′
HC-169 Coventry Grey20518M, Soft Touch15/16″ x 0.018″600′
HC-154 Hale Navy20508M, Soft Touch15/16″ x 0.018″600′
OC-65 Chantilly Lace20507M, Soft Touch15/16″ x 0.018″600′

Please click here to order a Benjamin Moore Edgebanding sample chain!